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Sperm/ Oocyte/ Embryo Donor Program

Treatment with Donor Sperms

This procedure is done to help the couple experiencing male infertility after obtaining their consent. Donor samples were obtained from approved Semen Banks in which the specimens are routinely screened for medical conditions and other risk factors. This procedure is ideal for the male partner with Azoospermia and certain other clinical conditions.

Treatment with Donor Oocytes

The procedure is an ideal treatment for the women with any of the clinical conditions like Lower ovarian function due to ovarian cysts, Any ovary disease such as cancer, Lacking of ovaries, family history of genetic disease etc.  In this procedure, the oocytes are collected from a selected oocyte donor (as per norms) and subjected to IVF/ICSI using the male partner’s sperm.  Once, fertilized the embryos are transferred to the female partner’s uterus.

Treatment with Donor Embryos

In this procedure, the infertile couples can “adopt” embryos donated by other couples who  use in vitro fertilization to achieve pregnancy.  They will often have additional embryos remaining after their treatment.  This treatment is ideal for when both the partners are infertile.

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